Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Thoughts about Korematsu v. United States

In times of War, governments often must balance the needs of national security with the civil rights of its citizens. In your opinion, did the Japanese internment order find the right balance between these competing values? Explain your reasons.

I think the Japanese internment order didn’t find the right balance between these competing values. First of all, it is a violation to basic human rights. The Japanese and Japanese descent were sent far away from home to live in “very basic camps or barracks” and most of those internment camps don’t even have running water or cooking facilities. We can say that those Japanese descents are basically treated as prisoners without committing any crime. It’s understandable that the country feels threatened by Japan due the the Pearl Harbor attack and would take some actions on that. However, treating every Japanese and their descents in America as criminals or spies is not acceptable. America can treat the Japanese and their descents with more cautious and add some limits, but not limiting on their basic human rights.

Do you agree that racial prejudice does not play a role in the government’s treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II? Give reasons to support your answer.

I think racial prejudice definitely played a role in the government’s treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II. The biggest reasoning for the Japanese internment order is that the government is afraid of the disloyal Japanese descents to attack the country. However, taking this assumption and treated all the Japanese descents as if they were disloyal is extremely unfair to them. It is not right to judge a population based on a few individual’s action. To say that taking all the Japanese descents to internment camp is to prevent them from harming the country is like saying that all African Americans are criminals and we should all send them to jail to prevent any crime from them. Such assumption and discrimination based on a few individual’s action is a racist idea.

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  1. I love the points that you made, and I agree with all of them. The way in which you structured your blog post with supporting facts made your argument very strong. I thought your ending was very strong by comparing these actions to the generalization that all African Americans as criminals, this created a good comparison to our classroom discussions. Do you think that there has ever been a time in which the government found an equal balance?